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Reasons not to move to D.C.

1. The rents are pretty expensive.  2. I just might run into this guy.  I hesitate even to link his vile blog, but it really has to be seen to be believed.

(By now, everyone has heard about the PA man who went on a misogynist killing spree at a gym.  By his own admission ((via a personal blog which has now been taken offline)), he was so angry with women for sexually rejecting him that he hated all women, everywhere, and the only way to alleviate his rage was to kill them.  The women he killed were not his ex-girlfriends and had no connection to him whatsoever.)

The blog I linked to above is written by some sort of doyenne of pick up artistry who lives in D.C.   He makes the case that for men, celibacy is literally a fate worse than death:

As I’ve written before, to men on the losing side of the desireability bell curve celibacy is walking death and anything is justified in avoiding that miserable fate.

In other words: men deserve sex, and if women don’t give it to them, well, they have it coming.  This is, like, rape apology 101.  I really sympathize with the target audience of pick up artistry–sexual rejection does suck tremendously for anyone–but I’ve come to think that it breeds misogyny in the men it purports to help.  This blog totally confirmed that suspicion.  It is the biggest, seethingest, snake pit of misogyny I have ever seen on the internet, which is saying something.  Here are some choice quotes from the comments: (more…)


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The infamous Faith Hill cover; the unretouched image is on the right.

Some British politicians are calling for a ban on photoshopping images in advertising aimed at children.  They also want mandatory disclaimers to accompany images marketed toward adults which detail the extent to which the images have been retouched. (more…)

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Bird Dress

I am not ordinarily in the habit of celebrity fashion-watching, but: this is the most inventive and beautiful dress I’ve seen in a long, long time, and I want it.

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