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Like schadenfreude, but better

Literary gnat Lori Gottlieb has resurfaced, this time with a book and a fucking movie deal spreading her cause célèbre, which is that women should settle for men they don’t love.*

And, oh, who wrote that endorsement on the cover?  Diablo Cody, that’s who. If you can’t read the fine print, she says:

What Lori Gottlieb is saying isn’t subversive–it’s smart.  A thoroughly entertaining reality check, it will make single women laugh and squirm and married people appreciate their spouses even more.

I always knew I disliked her.

* I really hope Gottlieb gives instructions for how to placate your “good enough” boyfriend when he inevitably discovers this book hidden in the back of the closet or under the mattress.


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Go read this, now

Women’s bodies have always been the focal point for the anger of those who fear corporeal realities, for those that are grossed out by life and easily provoked by fears of decay.  Women are, for whatever reason, seen as more embodied, maybe because our bodies bleed once a month and because life—that fearful, uncontrollable, filthy thing—comes from our bodies.  And so we should be controlled, and our sexuality especially needs to be stifled.

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OK, I know everyone’s having fits about MA’s special election, but I just saw this picture for the first time today:

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See also:

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I don’t usually get excited about New Year’s, partly because it never made sense to me to begin the new calendar in January  (the beginning of the new school year would make more sense, or the beginning of spring).  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, either, because fuck that.*  But I am really, really glad to see 2009 go.  It gave me enough money worries, heartbreak, and post-graduation angst to last the next ten years, at least.

So, suck it 2009!  2010 is my new year now!

*Um, except for my resolution to watch more TV.  That, I will keep.

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