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When I read Adam Smith in college, I remember my seminar focusing on whether workers in a capitalist society could live meaningful intellectual lives.

Well, I’m here to tell you right now that they can’t.  In the past year, I’ve worked so much and thought so little.  It’s been ages since I finished a book, or formulated complex thoughts.   When I come home, I only have enough mental energy to read blog posts.

I feel like the post uninteresting person, ever.


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I’ll always have DQ


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People bristle at the suggestion that they think critically about their sexual preferences, clinging tightly to the old “the heart wants what it wants” narrative, hoping to be allowed to discriminate with impunity. If it were up to me, those people would fall victim to a lifelong fuck drought as the rest of us resolve to avoid their hegemonic genitals.


. . .No matter what position I am in, I follow this cardinal rule: If someone needs to be in control, it should be the person getting fucked.

As they say, read the whole thing.

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This is so ridiculous, I can’t even. Also what is with this trend of people saying processed foods have no nutritional value?  Soda and french fries are “not food”?   Can we blame Michael Pollan* for creating this faux distinction?  Well, I have news:  soda has calories!  This means that when you drink  soda, you digest it and use it to fuel your brain and muscles.

*He of “only eat things your grandmother would recognize as food” fame.   So, like, potatoes, pot roasts, butter cakes, and that weird lime jello dish with pistachios? No?  Ok then.

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