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From a diner in Mississippi:

“At age 60, after living in Greenville for 35 years, Buck is a black man who remembers when things were different.

Asked about Obama propelling his campaign as far as he has, he said, “You can’t believe it. It’s the greatest thing since salt.””

The greatest thing since salt.


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1968, redux?

1968 Democratic Convention

I am a little bothered by this interview with Hillary Clinton. Sure, the Democratic primary is going to shift now that McCain is the official nominee.  But the way she juxtaposed herself against Obama was. . . strange.  She has a lifetime of experience–and so does McCain!  She’s strong on national security–and so is McCain! That Obama guy, though, all his credentials are based on a speech he made in 2002.  (She ought to know that keynote address at the Democratic Convention was actually in 2004, since it was during the last presidential election and those tend to happen every four years. But hey, details.)

It made me wonder if this long, drawn-out primary is going to do serious damage to the Democrats’ chances in the general election.  The PA primary isn’t until April 22nd; that’s a long time for things to get ugly on both sides.  And if Clinton continues campaigning against Obama by drawing attention to McCain’s strengths (or if Obama does likewise), I won’t be shocked if those tactics cause rancour within the party that won’t dissipate in time for its members to rally around the eventual nominee. The weird thing, of course, is that Clinton and Obama are Tweedledum and Tweedledee on policy, so any division that comes out of this primary will be the result of mudslinging, not differences in ideology.

How am I going to stand six more weeks of this? Should I blame Rush Limbaugh or Tina Fey?

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his font got serifs goddam

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Friggin’ Old People

Among voters aged 60 and older, exit polls show that Clinton got 67% of the vote in Ohio and 63% in Texas. Obama had pretty much the same margins among 18-29 year olds.

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The Next Plastic Pat?

cindy mccain

I’ve read tidbits about Cindy McCain that indicate she has personality (rodeo queen, perscription drug addict who stole from her own charitable organization to support her addiction), but she’s been really fucking boring since coming into the national spotlight. 

You have to admit, though, she has the political Stepford wife shtick down cold, what with her platinum hair and pastel suits and adoring looks. Tonight during McCain’s victory speech, I swear she didn’t look away from him or stop smiling even once.

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I mean, I had a feeling he was, but this makes it official.

I am a little amused that Fox News just consulted Karl Rove to analyze the youth vote.  Didn’t he forfeit his own youth in exchange for bow-tied College Republicanism? And how did I miss that he is a Fox News contributor?

In other Fox News, Bill O’Reilly just informed me that Rush Limbaugh is telling his listeners in Texas to vote for Hillary Clinton.  I know, I know it’s just to avoid the threat of Obama, but goddamn

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