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Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)

I’ve been on a movie watching binge lately.  Yesterday I watched Wild Strawberries, which was very very good, and today I saw The Last Picture Show , also very good.  The other day I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which disappointed me.  I guess I’m not much of a Jack Nicholson fan, although I think Roger Ebert is right when he calls him the perfect male sprite.

The Last Picture Show, though.  I need to re-watch it, the better to let it sink in–just like I need to re-watch every other good movie I’ve ever seen and re-read every good book I ever read.

(Lately I’ve been slowly re-reading Madame Bovary, and every day I’m gobsmacked by how much is going on in that novel that I didn’t notice or don’t remember noticing the first time I read it.  For instance: who is the titular character?  The obvious answer is Emma, but Charles’ mother and first wife are called Madame Bovary more often than she is.  My impression of Emma herself is different this time, too.)

Next, I’ll watch The Seventh Seal or The Lady Vanishes or Run! Bitch Run!*, depending on how I feel.

*From the Netflix Watch Instantly Description:  “After drug dealers rape and leave her for dead in the woods, beautiful door-to-door religious-tract peddler Catherine (Cheryl Lyone) trades in her prayers for a pump-action 12-gauge and sets out for payback against the men who attacked her. But once she gets a taste of holy vengeance, Catherine’s thirst for blood becomes insatiable.”

Too bad someone wasn’t around to alert the filmmakers that “Run, Bitch! Run!” makes much more sense than “Run! Bitch Run!”


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Starting at 1:40, really.

I am netflixing this movie, stat.

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I finally watched Antichrist a few days ago.  I don’t know a whole lot about Lars von Trier, and the only other film of his I’ve seen is Dancer in the Dark, which I loved.  I do have Dogville on my Netflix queue, though.

I’d heard rumors about Antichrist being brutal and misogynist, but I didn’t read any reviews beforehand, and now I’m glad I didn’t.  For the most part, I liked it.  The first half of the movie is a really excellent, moving depiction of the effects grief and suffering can have on a relationship.  I empathized both with Willem Dafoe’s character’s desire to help his wife, and with her resistance to his efforts.  Nevertheless, it was strange the way he wanted to act as her therapist.  Charlotte Gainsbourg’s character (does she have a name?  If so, I didn’t catch it)  is bothered by this, too.  His interest in fixing her and his disregard for her psychiatrist’s advice seemed paternalistic and controlling, and I think von Trier intended it to be that way.

I also wondered whether he felt any anguish about the child’s death.  She seemed to be experiencing enough guilt and sorrow for both of them, while he seemed very detached from the incident.  Is that because she automatically bears more responsibility as a mother?  Is it more horrible for a mother to know that her child died while she was having sex because women experience more guilt about sex in a patriarchy?  Or is she actually more guilty?  In the prologue, it looks like neither of them see the kid climbing onto the table and falling out of the window, but in another flashback toward the end of the movie, it looks as though she opens her eyes and sees him on the table.  I wasn’t sure whether to take that as fact or as her subjective re-interpretation of what occurred. (more…)

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I just discovered that Kate Winslet is going to reprise Joan Crawford’s role as Mildred Pierce in a TV miniseries.   Kate is obviously awesome, and Mildred Pierce is the shit, so this is wonderful news.

Will there be shoulder pads?  Who will play Veda? And, most importantly, who will play Eve Arden’s character?

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