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Video of the day

It’s so…disco-y.


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I don’t often say this, but I think this cover might be better than Sam Cooke’s original.

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GaGa, ooh la la

This is really amazing:

As is this:

The evolution of my reaction to Lady GaGa went like this:  first, I didn’t see what the big deal was.  Flamboyant artistry and good, danceable pop music do not make her the second coming of Freddie Mercury, I thought.  Then, gradually, I decided that her persona–the performance art, the pantslessness, the purported dick–was legitimately smart and, perhaps, subversive.  Plus, how could anyone not love the music videos for Bad Romance and Telephone?

And THEN, I watched these acoustic videos and was blown away by her musical talent.  There she is, sans synthesizers, robotic backup dancers and smoking cigarette sunglasses, and she is fucking great.

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Since today is my birthday

You will watch this video and like it!


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Song Wars

One of my favorite things about YouTube is when I search for a song or music video and end up finding a cover I never knew existed. For example, I had no idea that The Beatles covered Please Mr. Postman.  I wasn’t too surprised, since early Beatles stuff is mostly a derived mish-mash of  Doo-Wop ballads, early Motown, and Rock ‘n Roll. 

Here is the original by The Marvelettes. I want to say the song was written by Smokey Robinson, but I’m not sure.

They bring it, obviously. 

The Beatles’ version is pretty good, but slower and less catchy.  It  just doesn’t hold a candle to the original :

Then I found a second cover by The Carpenters.  Don’t get excited; it sucks.  However, the song’s crappiness is almost redeemed by its bizarre video, which mostly consists of The Carpenters running–groovily!–around Disneyland, and Mickey Mouse himself portraying the postman.  The best part, though, is the brief intrusion of psychedelic mirrors and pinwheels:

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