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I just found out that Donna Freitas’ book, Sex and the Soul, (see previous post) appears to be a Laura Sessions Stepp style exposé about casual sex on college campuses, complete with an introduction by Lauren Winner, born again virgin and abstinence proponent extraordinaire.

Why are journalists so obsessed with the sex lives of college students? I wish I was having as much sex as Laura Sessions Stepp thinks I’m having. Seriously.


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I found this article on born again virginity via Pandagon, and it’s leaving me a bit frustrated. The author, Donna Freitas, (who has a forthcoming book about this phenomenon) is interested in how reclaiming virginity helps women reconcile the sexual double standards of their religion with the reality of their sexual experiences.

“The stories I heard from these women were stories of empowerment, stories of not only reclaiming virginity but reclaiming self-esteem, restoring a full place in religious community, with God, and, in some cases, a surprising and unique sexual authority among their peers (they had experiences to share and could share them without fear of rejection). “

Freitas believes that it isn’t always feasible–or better, necessarily–for these young women to leave the religious traditions that impose such harsh judgements on their sexuality. Their situation, she says, is much more complicated than that. Leaving is much easier said than done, and she points out that it’s one thing to abandon an oppressive belief system and quite another to abandon your community.

These are all good points, and it’s interesting to read her account of how happy these women were once they reclaimed their virginity. (more…)

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