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So, I’m a big fan of the very particular pleasure that accompanies the re-discovery of something I used to love but had forgotten about.  Usually I get this feeling by re-reading old, strange books from my childhood or listening to early Weezer albums, but today I re-discovered my two favorite advice columnists.

The first is Break-Up Girl, writer Lynn Harris’s comic superhero alter ego.  Break-up Girl covers basically every romantic problem ever; she has comfort for the heartbroken, advice for the lonely, and swift kicks upside the head for the clueless.  Her advice is always good and practical and interesting to read.  And, as someone who is currently dealing with the aftermath of a pretty soul-crushing break-up, I can attest that she makes me feel better!  Plus, the site has comics.

The other is Carolyn Hax, who is, in my opinion, the best all-around advice columnist out there.  Instead of going on tangents,* she cuts right to the most important questions, even when dealing with the modern equivalent of Don Draper.

*one of my pet peeves about advice columnists; see Cary Tennis and Susie Bright for the most egregious examples.


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