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I was looking at bras yesterday, and I noticed something for the first time.  Nearly all of the A cups were push up bras with lots of padding, even when the larger cup sizes in the same style were not.  So you have the exact same bra with a completely different fit for A cups than for any larger size.  Then I started looking for A cups that were not push up bras, and after a quick perusal, I couldn’t find any.  I guess it’s inconceivable that a woman with an A cup might be content without several extra inches of padding.

This is probably not news to anyone who shops for A cups.  I haven’t browsed the lingerie racks at a department store in ages because a few years ago I started going to small stores where I am waited on hand and foot.  It’s the best.  Also, I learned that the best lingerie brands, hands down, are British or French.  So you if you know your size, you can get away with doing all your bra shopping online.


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I don’t usually get excited about New Year’s, partly because it never made sense to me to begin the new calendar in January  (the beginning of the new school year would make more sense, or the beginning of spring).  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, either, because fuck that.*  But I am really, really glad to see 2009 go.  It gave me enough money worries, heartbreak, and post-graduation angst to last the next ten years, at least.

So, suck it 2009!  2010 is my new year now!

*Um, except for my resolution to watch more TV.  That, I will keep.

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This Life list of the sexiest men of the ’50s, 60s, and 70s and Jezebel’s addendum are pretty good.  But they both forgot Sam Cooke!

I mean, really.

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Today–the day before I begin my very serious job search in a new city–I went shopping with my mom for interview and work clothes.  It was more fun than I expected, partly because I had more money to work with than usual (thanks to generous relatives) and partly because seeing myself in grown-up, expensive professional clothing was a new experience for me.  Also, if you go to Nordstrom and look helpless, someone will swoop over to you and start bringing you things so you don’t have to sort through dozens of pairs of dress slacks and pencil skirts on your own.

Anyhow, the clothes were not cheap, and I started thinking of how it’s always necessary to have some money in order to get more.  My interview prospects would be seriously limited if I didn’t look like a member of the prosperous middle class.  After this shopping trip, I do.   Lucky for me.

I almost got this dress, which looked way more Joan Holloway on me than it does on this model.  But I did get this dress, which is AWESOME.

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Featuring the young and heartbreakingly endearing River Phoenix.

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Yes, you are fierce

I found him annoying at the beginning of the season, but now, watching the finale,  Christian Siriano is scarily talented. I hope he wins.

And holyshit he’s from Annapolis and used to work at an Annapolis Mall hair salon! It’s probably the same shitty salon that gave me horrible bangs! Here’s what he has to say about his hometown:

“But I’ll tell you, the funny thing is there’s so much money that a lot of the people travel around the world. They’re so cultured. It’s not a Podunk town in Kentucky. There are sophisticated people, so that helps a lot. Trust me, that diva woman is out there in Annapolis.”

Yeah, the Annapolis boating divas. He and I should get together and bitch about them sometime. 

 UPDATE: Called it!

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all dressed up

Being by myself is starting to grate on me.  Not only am I alone in the apartment (but for the cat): everyone else–and I mean everyone–has left town for break, so even if I walk to CVS or get coffee, I probably won’t run into anyone I know. 

To keep from brooding, I cleaned the apartment–my hands were in soapy water for so long they are still wrinkled–and opened all the windows to air the place out for a while.  Then I made chicken, and then I hung a picture.  I am really pleased about hanging the picture.

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