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And it’s not pretty.

We all know this game is now over. The current Pope is now found directly responsible for two clear incidents of covering up or ignoring child abuse and rape. As head of the organization that took responsibility for investigating these cases for so long, his complicity in this vast and twisted criminal conspiracy is not in dispute. If he were the head of a secular organization, he would have already resigned and be cooperating with the police.

But he is the Vicar of Christ on earth.

The New York Times has excellent coverage of the unfolding scandal here, here, and here.  So far, it looks as though there are several lawsuits in the works.  I wonder if it will be at all possible to Polanski this shit up; can Benedict (or, more likely, some subordinate who takes the fall for him) be charged with aiding and abetting criminal activity?  Could Germany extradite him?  Could he please be sentenced to live out the rest of his days working in a condom factory?


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