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Mad Men notes

So, in yesterday’s season premiere of Mad Men, we learn that Lucky Strike makes up about 70 % of SCDP’s salary.  We also learn that it is 1964, which happens to be the year of the first Surgeon General’s report on the health effects of smoking:

The 1964 report on smoking and health had an impact on public attitudes and policy. A Gallup Survey conducted in 1958 found that only 44 percent of Americans believed smoking caused cancer, while 78 percent believed so by 1968. In the course of a decade, it had become common knowledge that smoking damaged health, and mounting evidence of health risks gave Terry’s 1964 report public resonance. . . In 1965, Congress required all cigarette packages distributed in the United States to carry a health warning, and since 1970 this warning is made in the name of the Surgeon General. In 1969, cigarette advertising on television and radio was banned, effective September 1970.

They should get some new clients.


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…Or at least reading my blog.  Tonight’s episode of 30 Rock included a storyline in which Liz Lemon is encouraged to settle for the British guy she met at the dentist because “everyone settles!”  This must be a reference to Lori Gottlieb, no?  And then, Jack convinces the CEOs of Cabletown that they should start producing pay-per-view porn for women who hate sex and love to talk!

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I am completely serious about this.  Much virtual ink has been spilled over the fact that this past decade has borne witness to the emergence of television as a legitimate, honest-to-goodness art  form.  And since I strive to have my finger on the pulse of popular culture, and because I like both art and being entertained, I want to watch more TV.  Here’s a short list of what I plan on ordering as soon as I restore my Netflix account:

The Wire: I know, I know, I have NO EXCUSE for not having watched this already.  It’s at the top of my queue.

The Sopranos: I’ve seen a few episodes on A&E or something and was very impressed.  Plus, I read somewhere that The Sopranos is to TV what Citizen Kane was to movies, and I love me some Citizen Kane, so.

Six Feet Under: A friend recommended this to me, and she has really good taste.

Carnivale: Word on the street is that this series depicts the struggle between good and evil, free will and destiny, uses both Christian and Masonic imagery, and is set during the Dust Bowl.  What’s not to like?

Dexter: Recommended by multiple reliable sources.

The West Wing: I should be conversant with this.  Plus, I hear it’s entertaining.

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